Welcome to Gospel Kids

Kids are incredibly important here at The Gospel. We want to see them growing, learning, and becoming all that God has made them to be.

We also want to see them enjoying life, making friends, and having fun!


Excellence & Safety

We believe in doing everything with excellence and aim to always provide a safe, clean, and peaceful environment. We are always looking for ways to continue improving, so we are always learning, training, and growing in order to provide the best experience for all involved - kids, parents, and our kids church team.

From check-in, to snack time, to our cleaning team, our procedures and processes are set up to keep your kids safe and happy.

Raising Godly Children

one child at a time

Our focus is on reaching the heart of every child and creating a place filled with joy and peace, where kids can encounter God and learn from His Word at every stage of life. In each age group, we teach both biblical and practical truths to set-up and build on a solid foundation.

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When you arrive at The Gospel, we make things as easy as possible for every single member of your family to enjoy their Sunday. Our team members are always available to help and answer any questions you may have.

One of your first steps will be our check-in process; each child receives a printed name tag through our computer program, with a unique code associated with your phone number. This way, if they really start missing you while you are attending service, you and your child can be assured that you're only a text away! Our program also prints out a corresponding name tag for you that you will use during check-out at the end of service.

Our team will be there to help every step along the way.

Ages 0-23 months

Our Mini's may be the smallest in stature, but they take up a big place in our hearts. Kids church for them is full of lots of love, songs, and snacks. For the Mini's, learning and play go hand in hand. They read Bible stories, listen to life building songs, and have age appropriate activities.

For safety and allergy reasons, we ask that parents provide their own snacks and diapers in their Mini's diaper bag.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Our Littles are full of life and energy! We want them to grow up knowing the love of God and the truth of His Word. We keep things fun and interesting by adding as many hands-on activities as possible.

We know that each child is unique and not everyone learns the same way. With that in mind, our lessons are built around trying to teach in as many learning styles as possible.

We add in different crafts, games, and activities to help understanding spark in each child. We believe life should be fun and so should church!

Grades 1st-4th

Bigs are smart, creative, and full of questions. With Bigs, we are able to start diving deeper into the Word of God.

Our lessons come straight from the Bible and aim to help answer their questions.

Bigs learn things like - What is the Bible, and why is it important? What is Prayer, why should we pray and how? What did Jesus do and teach?

Everything is aimed at pointing kids back to God and His Word. Each lesson has crafts, games, or activites tied in to keep things fun, and to add some hands-on learning into the mix.


Grades 5th and up

After checking in through Kids Church, our Gospel Youth group or otherwise known as Supers is held after the Sunday service announcements in our designated Supers room located behind the sanctuary.

Growing up in this generation comes with many challenges and pressures, and we find church is a great place for all those difficult unanswered questions your young adults might have. We strive to make an incredible, positive influence and be a great reminder of God's love and guidance in their lives.  


When Sunday service ends, simply make your way back to Kids Church. One of our team members will be there to help guide you through our check-out process. You will give back the name tag printed at check-in that corresponds with your child(ren). That name tag helps assist our team in making sure your child(ren) and their belongings are happily returned back to you.

The Gospel Collaborative

Kids church is more than just sundays. Check out our homeschool co-op.

Have more questions?

Contact our team at co_op@thegospelny.com