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The primary purpose of this course is to bring our church into unity of purpose and what we believe.

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Our church has a big vision of what we want to accomplish, it's way bigger than what any of us can do on our own. We want to see transformation take place in the heart of our culture. We believe that we are located strategically in this community and that God is bringing a group of people together at The Gospel to help us accomplish our mission here.

The primary purpose of this course is to bring our church into unity of purpose and what we believe. As this takes place we will be able to accomplish much together! Time and again we see in the Bible where God was able to move through a group of people to accomplish a big purpose, unity is always a key ingredient in such endeavors. We don't need the biggest church to have a big impact, we just need to be unified in Jesus and work together to build His kingdom.

In order to become a member you simply need to complete our membership course. This course includes a series of video lessons that will walk you through who we are and what we believe. Membership is free and will come with exclusive benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a member then the next thing you need to do is click here... in doing so it will open an email that is already formatted for you so all you need to do his click the send button. Please make sure that "MEMBERSHIP" is in the subject line of the email and then click send.

Once you send that email you will receive a follow up email with instructions for the course.

We hope you will join us!

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Here at The Gospel we know how important community is and the great impact a good community can make in our lives. Being a member means you not only belong but that you will find yourself encouraged and eventually being the one helping others.  

The Impact of Commitment

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