our mission

Our mission is to create community. We want to support, encourage and empower parents while teaching and inspiring their kids to learn, make friends and have fun. 

We are for you and for your success!

how it all started

It all started with a small group of homeschooling parents who love their kids, were committed to homeschooling and also saw the importance of having community.

We wanted to create a place for both our kids and ourselves.

We wanted a safe place for our kids to learn traditional subjects as well as practical life skills and to make friends along the way. While also wanting a place where we could talk to other homeschooling families, and where we could all encourage and learn from each other.

Homeschooling has so many benefits and we love the versatility it offers, we found being part of a co-op community has added so much to our homeschooling lives.

who we are

We are a Biblically based private co-op established in 2021 by and located at The Gospel church.

We offer traditional and practical classes taught from a Christian worldview by Christian teachers.

We love God, we love people and we love kids.

The Gospel and The Gospel Collaborative stand with the Bible and we follow it's teachings. We are a Christian alternative to government funded institutions and our heart is to see you and your family equipped to homeschool your littles. 

Our Community

We know your kids, we love your kids.

About Us

Here at The Gospel we believe it takes a good community to raise godly children and co-op is treated the same. Both parents are welcomed and encouraged but not required. We love when dads are here and there are many of you! This isn't just a mama's club but we believe both parents play a role in raising and teaching their littles. Grandparents and close family is fine as well. We understand parenting and know sometimes you just need that extra helping hand.

After your tour with Andy Follman or Sarah Follman you will quickly learn our co-op is a little bit different from traditional standards in the past. We do not require a parent of each family to teach as we understand some of you are at a place that it is just a small victory to show up to co-op with every child and lunch in hand. We get it and we got you! 

We decided to put our own spin on a Christian based cooperative with teachers that believe in the values of The Gospel because why should you and your family lack community and learning because life is busy right now. If homeschooling is the choice for you and your family we want to help anyway we can!

Drop-offs are not permitted for Little's and Mini's as we want to make sure they are properly cared for and looked after.

Bigs and Supers is now a drop off program! You can message Andy Follman at anytime to communicate on participating in the drop off program. 

If you are going to miss a day of co-op no worries and no need to even let us know. We prepare each week for every student to be present but in the case of an absence its no problem at all. 



Parent Requirement

Since we do not ask a parent of each family to teach we only ask you help by assisting your child. Such as; bathroom breaks, lunch time, helping them clean up after a craft or art project.

But ultimately we love the most when you can come and make memories here with your children. Bonding over some Science experiment or seeing them light up when they get a question right or supporting them while they are giving a public presentaion infront of fellow students or even just having lunch together and getting a chance to talk.

The love nothing more than quality time with you and to make mommy and daddy proud so we encourage parents to lean into that. 

We also find that in some classes Bigs and Supers love their independence so in some cases they may want to be with just their peers. In the meantime grab a coffee, take a seat and chat with another parent or catch up on some emails or work in our common areas.  

Our home is your home!

Class Rotation

After application approval and registraion completed each child receives a colored lanyard so at all times we know where each student belongs based on age or grade. On the back of the lanyard is that child's schedule so if ever running late or lost a child will know exactly where to go and an adult could help assit each child. We love to have fun but a safe and peaceful environment always comes first.

Classes rotate all day and there are schedules posted throughout the building to assist in where your child's next class is. We have designated parents or grandparents scheduled to help and assit with this flow.

There are also multiple other location for parents with babies to play, nurse and diaper change while classes are going on so babies are welcomed and encouraged to come.

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Our Facility

We use every space possible in our 6000 square foot building and when nice we go outside! Security is always of the utmost importance so we lock our gates to the fence outside and allow check-ins through the front door.

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