Great Outdoors 2024

Our 8 week Spring Semester will be sure to have your Supers learning, surviving the outdoors and making new friends! 

April 16 - June 4  ||   Tuesdays from 10-1

April 19 - June 7  ||   Fridays from 10-1

For the Great Outdoors 2024 semester our Supers Classes will have five 30 minutes classes and a 30 minute lunch break. On Fridays, Supers get two 45 minutes classes, two 30 minute classes with a 30 minute lunch.

We start each day with prayer and pledge for 10 mins and pray before we eat lunch.

We plan to break down our Secondary Grades into two groupings; Supers 1 and Supers 2. While Bigs is  K-3rd, Supers will be grades 4th and up and split into two classes so that we can better accommodate attention spans and learning abilities. 

Lunch class will be combined all together with the addition of Bigs as well. For health and safety reasons we ask that you please provide your child's lunch.

Great Outdoors '24 Class Schedule
TUESDAY Class Semester 2024


Trades and Careers



Survival Skills

FRIDAY Class Semester 2024

American Sign Language (ASL)

Tae Kwon-Do

Science Exploration

taught by Jeremiah Thomas

Introducing a foreign language to young kids has so many benefits!

Native German, Regina Thomas, teaches German basics setting up a foundation for students to be able to build their understanding and speaking skills. This mother and son team make German class educational and fun!

Get ready to hear German at home as your children will teach you new words!

Reading & Writing
taught by Amy Beato

As our community is growing we are always looking for ways to improve in quality and provide more for our families and students.

This semster we are excited to be adding more academic classes to help support our community. 

In this class students will be encouraged and challenged to improve their reading and writing skills. From writing home addresses to short sentences about an art assigment they created our intent for this class is to use this time as a writing lab to help them improve a very foundational skill.   

Nature Study
taught by Cheryl Cleary

Let's dive in and take a deeper look at the world around us.

All around us are living and growing things. All the time something is happening- the weather and seasons are changing, plants and animals are going through their life cycles, bugs are crawling, and birds are flying. Each week we will take a closer look at all the wonders that make up this amazing world we live in. 

Weather permitting you can find us outside exploring the great outdoors!

taught by Crissy Davis

Learning a practical life skill and getting delicious food- WIN WIN!

We have some great things in store for our cooking class. We believe it is so important to mix book learning and important life skills. Raising smart, kind, and capable kids, who have all the skills they need for the future. 

Students can look forward to learning some basic kitchen appliances and utencils while also following instructions from recipes.

We will gladly accommodate any food allergies and notify our teachers in advance from students applications.  

Builders Class of '23

Bridges from popsicle sticks, cardboard marble mazes, lego zip lines, and more. Put your creativity and building skills into action!

Each week students will be challenged to use different building materials to accomplish different goals. Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and inventing all in one class!

Public Speaking Class of '23

Once previously known as a simple show and tell this class has evolved to much more!

Our first class of the day and included with Bigs this class is designed to get your kids comfortable speaking infront of their peers. Also to improve their ability to communicate and articulate what is on their mind. 

Students will be required to make a display about a specific subject and give a 5 min presentation about what they learned.  

Science Class of '23

As a Christian based co-op we love the freedom to teach Science from a biblical view. To confirm God's creation while also not sacrificing strong academics. 

This class will be heavy on the learning but also fun and engaging with lots of experiments! From basics of Chemistry and the periodic table to Earth Science and Human Anatomy we will try to cover as much as time permits. 

Gym Class of '23

Who's ready to play? 

After 33 years in the public school system Lisa Kent taught physical education and we are so happy to claim her as out own now. We believe it's important for kids to be kids and play while also learning so gym seems like a perfect fit. Students can expect to learn new sports and have some fun in this class! 

Weather permitting we plan to go outisde so please dress you kids accordingly. 

Geography Class of '23

Grab your passport and travel around the World with Pastor Jeremiah Thomas. Learn map skills, the continents and oceans, different landforms and stop to visit a few countries along the way! 

Field Trips

Schools Out For Summer

Over the summer we don't want to miss out one bit! So we have decided to have weekly meet up and play dates as well as some fun field trips.

This Winter we are excited to keep the ball rolling and will be adding field trips and sometimes discounted groups rates to explore and enjoy fun new adventures with all our friends. 

If you are not currently enrolled but would like to meet us you can email us at and we can send you our summer schedule. 

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Extra Fun

it's the extra that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. we believe it's those little extras that make learning fun and provide the opportunity for memories that last
Class Roles

Students rotate weekly through
different Class Roles.

-Pledge Leader-

-Teacher Helper-

-Line Leader-


-Show & Tell-

-Clean Up-

We want each student to feel
important and be involved. 

Lunch Time

Everyone loves lunch togther! We used to have the whole co-op eating together but since all our new friends have joined us we now split them up for two seperate half hour windows with Mini's & Littles first and then later in the day Bigs & Supers. 

We pray over our meal before we eat and when weather is nice we love to eat outside!

Parents don't forget your lunch too, no one is happy when hungry. 

Show & Tell

Each week a different student will bring show and tell for them to share with the class. Don't worry parents we will be sure to let you know when it is your child's week and send a reminder the day of, we got you!

Show and Tell not only lets us get to know each student and their interest better, building friendships between students as they learn more about each other, it also gives students the opportunity to build their public speaking skills. Is there a better way to build your speaking skill then talking to friends about something you love?

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