bigs is our elementary class. welcoming students grades K-12

Winter 2023

January 13 - March 31   ||   Fridays from 10-1

for the Winter 2023 semester our Bigs Class will have four 30 minutes classes and a 30 minute lunch break 

for health and safety reasons we ask that you please provide your child's lunch.

taught by Regina Thomas & Pastor Jeremiah Thomas

Introducing a foreign language to young kids has so many benefits! Native German, Regina Thomas, teaches German basics setting up a foundation for students to be able to build their understanding and speaking skills. Pastor Jeremiah's first language was German, he also spent a year in Germay as a foreign exchange student. This mother and son team make German class educational and fun!

taught by Marijke Fetzner

Bridges from popsicle sticks, cardboard marble mazes, lego zip lines, and more. Put your creativity and building skills into action! Each week students will be challenged to use different building materials to accomplish different goals. Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and inventing all in one class!

taught by Pastor Jeremiah Thomas

Grab your passport and travel around the World with Pastor Jeremiah Thomas. Learn map skills, the continents and oceans, different landforms and stop to visit a few countries along the way! 

3D Art
taught by Marijke Fetzner

Make art come to life! A hands on experience in different forms of 3D art. This class is especially deisgned using different materials, textures and techniques to make creating 3 dimensional art fun and exciting! 

Extra Fun

it's the extra that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. we believe it's those little extras that make learning fun and provide the opportunity for memories that last
Class Roles

Students rotate weekly through different Class Roles.

-Pledge Leader-

-Teacher Helper-

-Line Leader-


-Show & Tell-

-Class Pet-

We want each student to feel important and be involved. 

Show & Tell

Each week a different student will bring show and tell for them to share with the class. Don't worry parents we will be sure to let you know when it is your child's week and send a reminder the day of , we got you!

Show and Tell not only lets us get to know each student and their interest better, building friendships between students as they learn more about each other, it also gives students the opportunity to build their public speaking skills. Is there a better way to build your speaking skill then talking to friends about something you love?

Class Pet

Meet Mr. Frizzle, beloved Class Pet!

Mr. Frizzle loves adventure, each week he travels home with one of the students to see what life is like at their home. He tries new things, eats new foods, and does a whole lot of play and snuggling. 

The purpose of Mr. Frizzle is 3 part. 1. to teach the students responsiblity, taking care of something without the pressure of it actually being living 2. to help students get comfortable with public seaking as they tell the class what Mr. Frizzle did with them during their week 3. Its just fun!

So far we have learned that Mr. Frizzles favorite food is Mac and Fish and he loves bedtime stories!

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