Fall 2023

Our 10 week Fall Semester will be sure to have your Mini's moving with learning and making new friends! 

September 15 - November 17   ||   Fridays from 10-1

September 19 - November 21   ||   Tuesdays from 10-1

Mini's ages include 18 months to 2 years old.

For the Fall 2023 semester our Minis Class acts as the shadow to our Littles Classes.

Our Mini students will rotate activites and classes every 30 minutes with a 30 minute lunch break. Ending the day at 1 for them because we get it, the nap time is real!

We start each day with prayer and pledge for 10 mins and pray before we eat lunch.

Lunch class will be combined all together with the addition of Littles as well. For health and safety reasons we ask that you please provide your child's lunch. We also ask that you be responsible for any diaper changes/potty breaks for your child during classes. 


Fall '23 Class Schedule
FRIDAY Class Semester 2023

Prayer & Pledge



Preschool Prep

Creative Art

Sensory & STEM

TUESDAY Class Semester 2023

Prayer & Pledge

Creative Arts 



Preschool Prep


Field Trips

Summer Fun!

Over the summer we don't want to miss out one bit! So we have decided to have weekly meet up and play dates as well as some fun field trips.

This Fall we are excited to keep the ball rolling and will be adding field trips and sometimes discounted groups rates to explore and enjoy fun new adventures with all our friends. 

If you are not currently enrolled but would like to meet us you can email us at co_op@thegospelny.com and we can send you our summer schedule. 

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Sensory & STEM
taught by Sarah Follman and Nikki Mundt

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Science, Technology, Math and Engineering are all around us. Mixing STEM with sensory helps students see, feel and understand the concepts being taught.

In this class your child will be challenged to think deeper and expand their minds!

taught by Cortnee Peterson

Lets make music while we make friends!

In this class minis will learn the basics about vocal and instrumental sounds combined in such a way to keep our students engaged and having a great time.

Come sing and dance with us!

taught by Lisa Kent

Get up and Move!

Get your body moving!

In this class your child will be dancing, jumping, moving through obstacle courses and using that endless energy that Minis have.

Preschool Prep
taught by Andy Follman

Letters. Numbers. Colors. Shapes. Words.

Introducing educational foundations through lessons, games, crafts and activities.

We believe in teaching in many different ways - hearing, seeing, feeling and moving. Helping to reach all the different types of learners.

taught by Sarah Follman

Each week brings something new! Create a masterpiece in art class to bring home to show mom and dad.

In this class we plan to keep it very basic with our Mini's but still introducing the basics of paint, crayons, markers and more. 

We do provide smocks but always good to pack an extra outfit incase accidents happen. 


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