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The Gospel Collaborative is an extension of The Gospel church. The curriculum taught is not solely bible based content. We give our teachers the freedom to discuss their faith when asked and can use God's Word, the Bible, as a source of reference and content in their curriculum. To learn more about our beliefs, please visit the link below on our beliefs.

Our Beliefs

Pastor Jeremiah Thomas

In 2015, Pastors Jeremiah and Julia Thomas lauched the church from very humble beginnings. Since then, the church and the vision has grown. Not only has the church grown, so has their family. He is now the father to three beautiful kids. Pastor Jeremiah spent most of his life in Waterport, NY, but he was actually born in Isreal where his parents were missionaries. His family then spent a few years in Germany, homeland of his mother, before settling in New York. In highschool, he spent a year living and going to school in Germany with family. Prior to starting the church, he taught Bible college in Haiti and has always had a passion for teaching and helping others. Pastor Jeremiah and his mother, Regina Thomas, teach our German class, so when you see them around be sure to say "Guten Tag!"

Pastor Julia Thomas

Pastor Julia Thomas is a mother of three. Together with her husband, Pastor Jeremiah, they launched and pastor The Gospel. Pastor Julia is a visionary, always dreaming big and working hard. She definitely is the life of the party, bringing joy and fun wherever she goes! With a heart for people, she welcomes you as an instant friend. Her passion and excitement for life is contagious! If you want someone to talk to, to encourage you, and to cheer you on, she is your girl!  If finding a good deal was an olympic sport, she would get the gold medal. With an eye for design, she is always finding a way to make a place feel warm and inviting. 

Sarah Follman

Sarah Follman is the mother of three beautiful girls and has a heart of gold. She is a woman of excellence and is always up for an adventure and a cup of coffee.  Homeschooled for many years herself, she is now going from homeschooled kid to homeschool teacher as she is beginning the journey of teaching her own girls. Sarah is the kind of person you want on your team. She has a desire to be helpful, a devotion to do things right and a willingness to learn anything she may not already know. She is also one fit momma. Like everything else she does, she will not only help you in any way she can but she will also go along the journey with you encouraging you every step of the way. Did we mention that she makes the best macarons?

Amanda Blank

Amanda Blank is a wife and mother to two handsome boys. She graduated from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelors of Science in Business with a concentration of management in 2013. After having her first son, she transitioned to a stay-at-home Mom to be able to fully focus on this new chapter of her life. Amanda enjoys being the homemaker and filling her days with tending to the many animals on their family homestead. Together with her husband and boys, they are raising chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats and pigs! You can find her in the summertime hosting goat yoga or working her part-time job as a wedding coordinator and tending to brides. Amanda believes children are capable of more than we give them credit for, and when we follow the child, we can bring them to their greatest potential. She will be bringing her homeschooling values to co-op, and she is looking forward to interacting with each of the students. Lastly, GO BILLS.

Andy Follman

Andy Follman is an Air Force Veteren that has always been a family oriented father with a caring heart and loyal character. He grew up across a lake from Pastor Jeremiah in the small town Waterport, NY. After completing high school, Andy went on to accomplish his college degree as a Physical Education teacher from Roberts Wesleyan College. He loves and charishes his wife Sarah and three beautiful girls. Andy has a passion to see kids given the education they deserve and takes any challenge head on. Some may even say that he is an adult with the heart and spirit of a kid. 

Matt Smart

Matthew Smart is a father of three children and an avid Buffalo Bills fan. He prides himself in being the best husband and father he can be. He grew up in LeRoy, NY and served in the Army reserves for four years. Matt has a very outgoing personality and can make friends with anyone he meets. Whether you're young or old, you'll find Matt ready to strike up conversation. He considers homeschooling his children one of the biggest blessings and adventures to have taken on. He loves getting to know each child personally, teach, and problem solve.

Crissy Davis

Crissy Davis is a Mother of 7, a step mom to 3 and a grandma to 10. To say she has a large family is an understatement. Crissy has worked in the resturant business all her life and cooking is where her heart is. She loves to treat The Gospel church family every Sunday with meals after the main service. Crissy has become an integral part to the church and the co-op. She has previously taught cooking classes in which the kids loved the hands-on experience as well as tasting their creations! This semester, we couldn't resist but to have Crissy continue cooking for our Supers and Bigs classes. She has many delicious treats in store for them to learn how to do this fall! 

Regina Thomas

Regina Thomas, lovingly referred to as "Mutti", the German word for Mother, or "Oma", the German word for Grandmother. With a genuine love for all, she really welcomes you as one of the family and becomes a friend, mother, and grandmother to all who need it. She is a German citizen and met her American husband in Jerusalem while both involved in Christian ministries. She is the mother of three amazing men, the youngest of which is Pastor Jeremiah. All her sons are happily married, and have now made Regina the Grandmother to 9 grandkids. With all that, she somehow still has more love and energy to go around. A native to Germany, she has been our offical German teacher from the start. You will always be greeted with a smile and most likely a delicious dish of food. If you ever get a chance, be sure to try her pies!

Kayla Malone

Kayla Malone grew up near Lyndonville, NY on her family’s farm. She attended Genesee Community College before transferring to Southwestern Assemblies of God University where she received her BA in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Bible and Business Administration. Kayla met her husband, William, in Texas where she schooled, then moved to Alaska where she worked in ministry with Native Alaskans. She and her husband have two beautiful girls, Josie and Sadie. Kayla’s passions are helping others, following Jesus, bird watching, gardening, and spending time with family. 

Valerie Rusin

Valerie is a reliable friend and a humble homemaker! She is always surprising us with her many talents which include baking bread, her amazing chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, canning, diy projects, and of course her best smelling homemade soups! We once heard her say "if I had 100 chickens to care for in my backyard, I'd be a happy girl!" Valerie has two adorable children who seem to find themselves a favorite person of the day and snuggle up with them during the co-op day! And we don't mind one bit! She is constatnly surprising us with her creative mind and her heart to serve the community here at the gospel collaborative! 

Meaghan Morris

Meaghan Morris is a stay at home mama to 6 kids ranging in ages from 4-18, and is married to her best friend Matthew. The Lord led their family to homeschooling ten years ago out of a desire to instill in their children both a love for Jesus and a love for learning. Meaghan earned her BA in English from Roberts Wesleyan, where she concentrated in both literature and adolescent education. She has experience in professional writing and editing, but her heart truly lies in teaching teenagers to love literature and learning how to communicate through effective and beautiful writing. She has been teaching writing and literature in her local homeschool community for the past nine years. Meaghan lives in Hamlin where she can often be found reading, embroidering, tending chickens or wandering in the woods with her own kids and the many others who join them for nature study and farm school.

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