Jeremiah & Julia Thomas

I grew up in a Christian home, born to missionaries living in Israel. I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t believe that Jesus was God, though there was a time where I was totally uninterested in church. My family attended church every time the doors were open and then some. Growing up in a pentecostal church during the 90’s included lots of felt board Bible stories, overhead projectors, and bowl haircuts (though I don’t think these were the fault of the church). As I was approaching my teenage years, I became disinterested in the church and began to argue with my parents about how I wanted to stay home on Sunday mornings. You can imagine all the important things I needed to do as a 12 year old boy on Sunday mornings… nintendo 64, television and sleeping in, of course.

When I was 14 years old the trajectory of my life changed due to an encounter with God. During those brief years of living in disobedience to my parents and questioning God, I would make fun of anything and everything that I could at church. I wanted to be “cool” in front of my friends and brothers. However, on the inside of me, something was convicting me of the decisions I was making and compelling me to make a change. I ignored those feelings until one Sunday morning I decided to do something about them. In the middle of our worship service, I got up, walked past my friends and brothers (terrified of what they’d think of me) and walked to the front of the church. I knelt down at the front of the stage, and I prayed a simple prayer. It went something like this, “God, I’m sorry for the way I have been living and for how I’ve been treating my parents. Please forgive me”. Right when I finished praying that prayer, I felt an overwhelming sensation, and I began to weep. It felt like somebody took a jar of honey, heated it up and poured it over my head. It felt incredible. I cried for about an hour, during the preaching and everything, not tears of sadness - but tears of relief, joy, and happiness. I finally knew God was real, and he had removed the weight of sin from my life.

That day changed me forever. That day is the reason I went to Bible college and eventually started this church. I decided that what I experienced on that day, I wanted everyone to experience. It wasn’t long before my brothers, many friends and family members had experienced God’s saving grace and His wonderful presence. I had a lot to learn (and still do), but I knew that I wanted to live for God the rest of my life and do whatever He wanted me to do. 

I decided after highschool to attend Bible college. This was a time of tremendous spiritual growth for me. I learned much about the Bible, ministering to others, and Godly character. This is also where I met my incredible wife, Julia. A few years after Bible college, Julia and I got married in 2013. We now have three wonderful children: Zara, Scarlett, and Hagin. 

I love being in ministry. Helping other people connect with and grow in their relationship with God is one of the most fulfilling things that anybone can do, and I get to do it for a living. I love my job. It seems like no two days are the same; there's always a new project to work on or somebody to help. We’re always dreaming of how we can do what we do in better ways, and how we can reach more people for God’s kingdom.

In my personal life, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy being outdoors - hunting, gardening, landscaping, biking, and going to the beach. Cooking, baking, and reading are all things I like to do when I can’t be outside in a treestand shooting deer.


As a child, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I wanted to help people. Growing up Catholic, I knew of God but lacked a personal relationship with Jesus as well as an understanding of my idenity in Christ. I found myself running from God after my high school graduation. I gave into a worldly lifestyle and found myself lost and broken. I ended up in an abusive relationship which almost sent me to an early grave. When I finally escaped that relationship, I was bitter and angry and used drinking and partying to cope and forget my pain.

In 2010, I hesitantly agreed to go to a Christian conference having no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it was going to be a concert-like event.

It turned out to be the greatest event of my life.

During the message I was overwhelmed by God’s presence and began to weep. At the end of the message, I prayed to accept Jesus into my heart without even understanding what it meant. I instantly did a miraculous 180 degree turn around in my life after I confessed out loud Jesus to be Lord and Savior of my life.

I was radically saved from a life of sin and sickness.

I no longer had a desire for the sin that I was in bondage to just hours before I entered the doors. No more drugs and no more alcohol have ever touched my body since. No more relationships, until I met my husband, and we were married. I instantly stopped swearing. I felt as if 500 lbs was lifted off my chest. I forgave my abuser who had put me in the hospital. I forgave myself for all the horrible and awful things I had done. It was as if cataracts fell off my eyes, and I saw color for the first time.

I was truly born again. All things became new, I was made into a new creation in Christ. My past was gone and forgiven that day. I got a second chance at life, a do-over. I was on my way to hell, and in one moment I was snatched from the plan of the devil and transformed into the kingdom of God’s own dear son.

This will always remain the greatest miracle I’ll ever experience. 

Today, I’m more in love with Jesus and Father God than ever before. I can confidently say that I’ve learned through these years as a Christian that His faithfulness is true, and He keeps every promise that He has given us.

In 2011, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and felt called to ministry. I immediately joined a Bible college and began my training. After graduating Bible college with honors in 2013, I married Jeremiah, and in 2014, we started this church. Years have passed, and I’m more passionate today about serving God and building His kingdom than I ever have been. 

I love to preach, help lead the church and co-op, do design and marketing, and encourage people to find their place in God’s kingdom.

In my personal life I love riding my e-bike pulling my 3 kids along with me. I have an uncanny ability to find good deals when shopping (my husband’s words). I love traveling and seeing the world, and meeting new people and making others laugh. Most importantly, I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my family.